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The world sees Colour, we see an opportunity.  

An opportunity to reunite with the natural, fundamental vibrations of energy.

Energy that resonates, that is all emcompassing, with variable frequencies that effect us to our very core.

Chakra Shine is Chakra balancing at it's purest.  No sanskrit symbols, no lotus flowers, just colour.

Colour, perfectly aligned with your Chakras. 

We all want to, and try to, live a life of health and well-being, however with the consuming demands of work and family, the balance of our own selves can be pushed lower on our priority list.

Did you know, that now you can easily receive a well-deserved vibrational colour massage every night?  Or every yoga class?  Even down the beach, or during a massage.  The Chakra Shine product range consists of the Chakra balancing Bed Linen, Yoga Mat, Realign ~ the portable Chakra Shine, Beach Towels and on-trend Round Beach Towels.

Whether it be on the mat, off the mat or after hours, Chakra Shine has the ideal product to suit your busy life.

Chakra Queen


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