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The power of colour is timeless, linked to light and the cycle of the day. It arouses sensations deep within us and from those sensations we derive meaning.  We use colour to define who we are and our place in the world.  This unspoken language posesses a unique energy, it unites us, challenges us and inspires us.  

Sensuous, spiritual and emotional, colour makes our world a place of beauty and will continue to do so as long as the planet plays host to the miraculous array of inquisitive, creative and surprising individuals and creatures that call it home.  

Everyone has a favourite colour.  We use colours to describe our health, emotions and attitudes.  The perception of colour is included in our vocabulary;

"He was green with envy"

"She has the blues today" 

"Here's a golden opportunity"

"We received a phonecall out of the blue"

"He was so angry he saw red"

"She was tickled pink with her gift"

"It was only a white lie"

"He passed the exam with flying colours"


Colour Meanings

We usually like certain colours more than others. This has to do with their vibration, and weather or not it resonates with us.  Each colour has a vibration, and it has been known that some blind people can actually feel the vibration of colours and correctly name them.

It is the vibration of colours or light waves that is used in the practice of Colour Therapy.

For further comprehensive information on Colour and Colour Therapy please visit the following sites. 

Chakra Shine spectrum

The Number 7

According to Numerology, number 7 is a yang number and is regarded as the most spiritual number of all.  The element assiciated with number 7 is Metal.  The element of Metal, as per Chinese Astrology symbolises valour and riches.  Number 7 sounds very similar to that of the Cantonese word "sure" and hence, is considered a very lucky and fortunate number.  

Planet Neptune rules number 7.  The spiritual number is not restricted by the restraints of the physical world.  Number 7 happens to be the number for visionaries, mystics and seers. The numerical meaning of number 7 is perfection or completeness.

Number 7 is significant with the following associations;

7 Chakras
7 Colours of the Rainbow
7 Days of the Week
7 Planets
7 Directions (up, down, left, right, front, back and centre)
7 Continents
7 Seas
7 Phases of the Moon
7 Days of Creation
7 Components of the Head
7 Divisions of the Brain
7 Functions of the Nervous System
7 Major Body Organs
7 Wonders of the World
7 Rungs of Perfection
7 Spheres of Celestial Stars
7 Virtues
7 Deadly Sins
7 Petals of the Rose
7 Dwarves
7 Year Itch
7 Notes of the Musical Scale
7 Circles (Makers of Chakra Shine)


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