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How it began

Life is about choice.  We wake each morning with the opportunity to choose how to face the day. From intrinsic choices such as, shall I allow these external circumstances to affect my thoughts, and this person has hurt me - will I dwell on it or brush it off, to simple choices such as, what will I cook for dinner, or which shampoo shall I buy this week?

No matter which decision or path we take, whether you think its right or wrong, I believe it is inevitably meant to be and that we always learn from it.

My passion for Chakras was ignited around 10 years ago when I was browsing a gift shop.  I was lead to a stand of CD's containing inspirational music.  A CD of Chakra meditations caught my attention which I just had to buy.  I was intrigued by the theory of colour relating to our subtle energy emanations, and there began a decade of attraction to colour and vibrational energies.

Not being completely sure or aware of what my purpose in this lifetime was meant to be, I began a journey of soul searching - devouring every book possible to do with self-awareness, spiritual growth, the laws of the universe and anything Chakra related.

During this period I experienced a personal life change.  As part of the healing process and to be rid of old vibrations, I embarked on a bedroom make-over. Part of the process involved me taking my hand to some inspirational artwork - an activity of which I was a definite novice.  I chose some suitable paint colours and let loose with my artisitc expression.  I created two canvas paintings, which still hang in my room today.  Little was I to know how profound those paintings would be and the inspirational message they remind me of everyday.

Laying in bed one night, I was practicing a meditation, trying to energise and re-balance my Chakras, when I thought that it would be great if I aligned Chakra related crystals under my bed, so I could benefit from their vibrations as I slept. This thought inevitably led to the idea of actually sleeping on the associated Chakra colours, and hence the Chakra Shine brand was born.

The concept was so exhilarating to me, I was almost overwhelmed with excitement and couldn't wait to begin this new venture.  The universe however, had other ideas for me and it wasn't until many years later, that I had the opportunity and resources to begin the journey.

To be honest, I often doubted the notion and seriously questioned my creative abilities, nevertheless numerous vibrational events transpired over time - including the profound realisation that one of the previously mentioned paintings was of a glowing circle and the other, seven blended horizontal lines (which I recognise as an early insight to the Chakra Shine brand as it is today), that attracted me to my providence.  I believe these events were messages for me to do exactly one thing - utilise my creativity in combination with experiencing the joy of of colour, which I happily embrace each day.

Subsequently, I now choose to bring you Chakra Shine.  A way of balancing your Chakras effortlessly and freeing you to lead a balanced life, full of abundance and prosperity.  May you experience the pleasure of restful slumber and enjoy your new found energy.



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